*been playing with fire*

Was at the lake again. This time we grilled just sausages. And roasted marshmallows. I was the only one who managed to not burn their finger(s). Then again, I have been nominated as the Fire Watched of our “tribe”. So of course I know how to handle the fire. And this time I got it going by myself too. ^_^ Yesterday I just kept watch over it, making sure it wouldn’t go out while our entertainer was putting on a performance. Jade came up with a really funny show too. Jaz, the leader, said that Jade has to play a rich city person. So Jade goes around these imaginary stalls buying with loads of bills berries that have to be carted around in a huge basket. In the end she gives it all to the leader as a present. Then Jade has to play a poor city person. So it’s another trip to the berry market. Except this time, she can only afford to buy one strawberry, one blueberry, etc each worth one coin. Then when she’s bought the basket for the berries, she checks her pocket, turns it inside out to show that she has no money left with a pout. She pours the few berries back into her hand, gives the basket back and gets her coin back before she presents the berries to the leader. ^_^ She killed us with the surprised pout. It was hilarious. Really. Should’ve been there. Trust me. The food we had yesterday.. *drool* There was filet mignon in two different marinades, blue cheese creamy potatoes, pickles (the American kind) with smetana (a sort of sour cream), sundried tomatoes.. Yum. ^-^ Haven’t had food that good in ages. The only times I’ve had my meat cooked exactly the way I want it has been when my dad grills it. He just knows when it’s a really nice medium-rare. Usually the rarer the better. At least with his style filet mignons.

Then Friday.. got chocolate cake. The good Sacher kind. ^___^ Very yummy that. The breakfast part was a bit of a mess that morning because there was no electricity for an hour. So we ate what they had managed to get cooked (mainly the bacon) and then the stuff that didn’t need cooking. Then later we went to Stockmann in Helsinki where I tried on a smaller version of the jacket my parents got me. It did look better, but I couldn’t wear anything thicker than a tank top underneath it. So I’m keeping the larger version. At first I was a bit iffy about the style and cut, but now.. luuuuurve. It’s fantastic. Baby pink, leather, round collar, zippers.. I got 50€ from my grandparents which I spent immediately. With it I got round toed flat yellow shoes that have a white elastic strap, a black hair clip, a loofah, hair ties, a hair band and a pair of black courdroy(? in Finnish it’s sametti.. and I dunno about the spelling) pinstripe pants. Very content with Friday’s finds.

There was a mini-storm here around noon. I woke up to the wind howling and the rain beating down. Then in ten minutes, it was over. Very impressive though. Too bad it didn’t turn into a good thunderstorm, like the ones in Florida. I wanna feel the fury of the skies. Feel the windows shake every time it rumbles. *sigh* But no, not here in Finland.. gotta go to Orlando to get that..

Leaving the day after tomorrow. Had to repack my suitcase. Decided to leave some shirts and two pairs of pants behind. Hopefully my parents can take them with them when they go to Belgium. More importantly, my shoes. I’m taking three pairs with me now, leaving four pairs for them. Two of those aren’t must haves, but it’d be really nice to have my silver strappy high-heeled sandals. I miss my shoes that are in Belgium. An outfit can’t be complete without shoes (unless you’re at the beach, then you’d look kinda silly swimming with shoes on). I have no idea how large my room is in Aberystwyth, but I’m pretty sure that I’ll be short on storage/closet space. I’ve really started to like shopping. Now that I’ve got my own money to buy things with. And I can find nice things that fit. Especially shoes. I think I’ve got like 15 pairs of shoes.. maybe more. What I now need are bags. The kind of bag that Jaz uses for school would be nice. It’s got compartments, it’s roomy, it’s not too big, won’t break easily with use. She’s had that one for two years now and it’s still pretty much intact unlike most of my bags.

I think the sauna is ready now. So it’s one more time in there before I leave. ^-^