Quilt for baby M

Just got back from visiting my brand new nephew! Four weeks old today. He’s *adorable*. I can’t wait to see my sister’s family again (which won’t be until sometime next year now). And I managed to finish his blanket in time too! I kinda wanted to keep it, but I can always knit one for myself if I really want one. Probably in different colours, since while I love red, the yellows and oranges aren’t really me.

Tamarix Quilt - designed by Heather Zoppetti

Now that the blanket is done and my wedding shawl is done, I’ve got nothing on the needles. Nada. Feels a bit odd. I can’t quite seem to decide what I want to knit next. A hat maybe?

While I’m ruminating on that, I’ve brought out my spindle again. Yep, after about a year of not spinning at all, I’ve gone back to the white and blue BFL top I received as a Wildcraft fibre club shipment way back in 2010. I’m really enjoying it. I don’t know why I always put my spinning away for about half a year before spinning a little bit more. It’s all spun up now, all that’s left is plying. No promises on what that’ll actually get done, since I know from experience that I put down my spinning to easily when a new pattern catches my eye (or my imagination and I have to design it myself to get it out of my system).