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Julia Temisevä
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Deadlines! O_O;;; Okay, so in two weeks I have an essay due on the Monday.. then a presentation on the Wednesday, then a week after it another essay and a week after that one more portfolio. Looooovely.. So today I finally kicked myself into action and got books so I can prepare the presentation. I might just wing some of it though. Like I usually do. XD And for some reason, I seem to do okay when I wing it. It’s kind of a scary thought actually. What if I can’t come up with anything? I did write on my personal essay for the exchange program that I thrive under pressure. That’s when I feel like a genius.. but it’s not good when I just freeze. Eh.. -__-

So, now I’ll definitely be going to work on my presentation. I will. I will. I will.

P.S. I’m gonna start cross posting to the other blog because this one is very tempermental. Just in case y’know.

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Short summary of my days here in England

Julia Temisevä
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Donated blood two hours ago. No wooziness. Good good. It was a pretty simple process really. Just fill out a form, answer some questions, tell them my name and birth date a dozen times and then just let them suck the blood out of me. Took about 30 minutes all in all. I was lucky, got a chatty nurse. Talked about loads of things. Turns out that she has a friend who just finished taking Drama courses at Aberystwyth. So we talked about dancing, how Oliver and I met, people getting squeamish around blood.. A fun person. ^-^

We’re gonna go to Meadowhall later today, after Ryan gets back from work. Y’see, this way we don’t have to pay for bus tickets since he’s got a car. Anyway, what we’re looking for over there are logic puzzle books and coloring books. I’ve got 130 crayons (admittedly not all different colors, but ah well) and I wanna use ’em! Then tomorrow we’re gonna go to Rotherham again. Get the Japanese Pimsleur CDs. The German ones are quite good. Still don’t know how to pronounce the R though. I always seem to have problems with the R in every language I try to learn. I’ve got the Finnish and English Rs down, but the French and German ones are tough for some reason. o_O

Almost done with Necroscope. Which means that I can finally start Harry Potter. That was the condition, Oliver said that he’d buy me the new HP if I read Necroscope first (which he bought for me as well). It’s a bit weird. And the beginning of it is really slow. I’m told that the rest of the series is better but the first book is needed to get the rest of it. Just like the Interview with the Vampire series. So hopefully Anji’ll let me borrow the rest of the series while I’m at Aberystwyth if I can’t find it in a local library there.

Ryan came over yesterday. Brought his laptop with him, I browsed through some of his music selection (over 2000 tracks!) and wrote down what I’d like. So he’ll send ’em to me through MSN or something when I finally get my own laptop at uni.

The few days that Oliver and I were here alone went pretty well. Didn’t starve. He did the dishes and made tea and pizza for me while I did the major cleaning up yesterday before his mom got back. It’s so nice to have a vacuum cleaner at my disposal. Okay so I don’t want to vacuum as often as my mom likes it to be done, but when I see dirt on the floor, it’s an instinct to go find a vacuum. Charlie (the dog) wasn’t much trouble either. Except for the first day that we were alone. Then she did both a number one and two on the carpet. *rolls eyes* Our own fault though. We forgot to let her out. At least she doesn’t need walking everyday. Just letting her out into the garden is enough. There is the slight chance that she’ll run away, but since she’s old she won’t get very far very fast. Easy to catch up with. Something I found out first hand. I was outside reading and Charlie was there sitting next to me. Then she slowly began inching her way towards the car. She does that sometimes and then just comes back, so I didn’t think much of it. The next time I look up, she’s gone. I get up and go as fast as I can in my very loose high heels. I caught up with her at the front door. So like I said, she didn’t get very far. Still, not good to lose someone’s dog. ^^;;

Speaking about the high heels, I need to do something to them so I can use them. The right one is fine, a bit loose but that can be fixed by just stuffing a little cotton ball near the toes. The left one on the other hand.. well, it’s supposed the same size shoe, but I swear it’s at least a size larger. So a whole lot looser. And that can’t be fixed with cotton balls. I tried. Ideally I’d need an elastic that wraps around the foot like the one on my yellow new shoes, but I have no idea how to get one attached to the shoe. So.. any ideas? Anyone?

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Dreams and blueberry soreness…

Julia Temisevä
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I keep having really strange dreams. Most of the time I can’t remember what they were about, I’m just left with a strange feeling. I do remember bits of last night’s dream though. I had gotten myself a shift at a shop that looked like Alepa but I’m a Prisma cashier… Anyway, it was like 3 a.m. when I reported for duty. I ran into Daniela in the changing room.. didn’t talk to her, just waved and I went to my register. Some little old lady had left her groceries next to my register the night before. So I took all of them back. Then I run into Anji and Steve. They tell me that they’re the supervising kassapäällikkös or something. I ask if my shift can be modified a bit and they said that they’ll see what they can work out. We run into Dave and we all sit down at the café. Then this really weird old guy joins us and starts blabbling about something random.. we all start to inch away. Then it suddenly switches to morning and I’m in my bed. I remember sitting up and thinking that that was a weird dream. Then I hear my parents walking into my “room” with my birthday cake. And then I really wake up. And again, I’m left with a strange feeling.

I’m so sore.. I went blueberry picking yesterday. You have to be some kind of acrobat to do it. I was there perching on different sized rocks, reaching as far as I could to get to all of the blueberries. They were huge. Loads of them too. And every time I switched position I could feel the muscles in my legs stretching. I guess I should’ve warmed up before I went there and stretched afterwards. So I’m paying the price for it today. Hurts to move. ;_;

Inga just gave me 20€. The reason? Apparently she thinks it’s so great that I want to repair my clothes instead of just throwing them out (I asked her to take a look at my pants and see if the hole in them could be patched up) so because she can’t do it right now, she gave me money to go buy myself a new pair. I don’t want a new pair. Those were just fine. The hole just needs to be patched up. That’s all. And since she won’t take the money back (believe me, I tried), we’re gonna split the amount that’s left after our expenses on Monday into three. Which would leave each of us with 1,40€. That’s not much.

Hmm.. maybe I should go pack my suitcase. I know I won’t be leaving for another 5 days, but it would be easier for me to see what clothes I can wear over here if the ones I’m taking with me aren’t in the way. At the same time I’ll go help Jaz look for her clothes in the yksiö.