Gosh it’s been awhile hasn’t it?

Well, I’ve got a few bits of news to share.

Numero uno: I have a job! I’m in Accounts at a major solicitors firm over here. It’s a temp job through an agency, but they’ve already asked if I can come back in January so it seems to be going very well. Kinda funny that I’m in Accounts though, my math ain’t so great. Seriously. On my first time sheet (I started on a Tuesday), I wrote 7 x 4 = 27. See, not so much with the math.

Secondly (again, with the numbers!): I’m staying here with O for Christmas. At first it was because I couldn’t afford the plane tickets, now it’s because of the aforementioned job. I’m working Christmas Eve morning.

All of the presents that need to be ready by Christmas have been bought/knit and wrapped, except O’s present. I even managed to send out a package with my family’s presents in it (and my sister’s birthday present) last week. One of my sisters already knows that the knit item that she requested is in the works, but it so isn’t going to make it there for Christmas.

Our plans for Christmas are to go over to O’s parents on the 23rd on the condition that I’ll be getting a ride to and from work on the 24th. Then in the evening all of six of us plus three of O’s friends are going over to O’s sister’s in-laws for a party. Christmas Day we’re all supposedly getting up early to open presents. Madness in my opinion. All of us sensible people open our presents on Christmas Eve and sleep in on Christmas Day. Holidays are all about sleeping in.

Speaking of Christmas parties, the dance team’s do was last Wednesday. My thighs are so bruised (this comment got me some odd looks at knitting group this morning). Lemme explain: We played party games. One of them was passing a tupperware container in between our legs from one person to the next. I apparently gripped the box quite hard. Hence the bruises. Another game that we played was passing a packet of crisps (dear me, now I’ve begun using their terminology…) held by our chins. The boys complained that us girls had an unfair advantage because of our natural shelves (ie boobs). Wimps. They won the tupperware game, so no reason to complain at us. The barn dancing that we did was quite fun as well. Swapping partners was a bit confusing. And don’t even get me started on having us girls trying lead the guys during a waltz. I happened to be dancing with A and we both kept saying: “I can’t lead!” and “I don’t know how to follow!”

And to just jump to the next topic instead of coming up with a good segue: My personal knitting’s going well. I just finished seaming up my Lorelei cardigan (yes, I know I’ve been working on it since October). I had a slight problem with setting in the sleeves, but R, one of my knitting friends, helped me sort it out this morning. I tried it on and it fits! The sleeves could be a bit looser, but it’s not something that’ll stop me from wearing it. Now I just need to knit the button bands and sew on the buttons.

I’m also working on Cookie A’s Kai-Mei socks in a pink/purple Noro Kureyon Sock. I’m on the second one and have just started the gusset decreases. They’re very pretty, but the darn yarn had a knot in it and so now it’s messed up the color transitions. No matching socks for me.

I already know what I’m going to cast on after I’m done with my sister’s present, my cardigan and my socks. I’m going to make a shawlette sized Bitterroot using my first Sip’n’Stitch yarn shipment. It’ll be gorgeous.

I guess I’d better get back to my knitting now. Just the thought of that shawlette is a major motivator. :D