I can see in the sun now!

New sunglasses!

I wandered over to Covent Garden today. I wanted to buy these sunglasses since I don’t have any sunglasses right now and I know Oliver has bought me a 50s style dress as a birthday present. But alas, they didn’t have any in stock in the store. They did suggest buying them online, but shipping is like £5.50. Over half the price of the item. Not worth it. The shop girl was really nice though. She’d bought some for herself online and let me try them on. They were cute. I might get them one day if I ever order something else from them at the same time. So I wandered around some more, found another retro shop and voila, now I have sunglasses. For only £10 too! :D Whatcha think?

During my wanderings, I also came across a massive queue to get into Five Guys, a blue chicken, a cute cottage and kayakers in the Thames. :D

I can’t remember where I read it, but someone suggested that instead of having ice cream, try a frozen banana instead. So today I was like, cool, I’ve got bananas, I’ll try it. So I put one in the freezer. A few hours later, when it was frozen solid, I took it out and realized I’d forgotten one crucial step: peel the darn banana first! I tried defrosting it but the whole thing just turned to mush. Gave up on that one. Attempt #2 is currently in the freezer (and yes, I did remember to peel this one)… To be continued! Maybe. If I remember to update. So probably not.