March 9th, 2014 temp

Just spent a glorious two hours reading in the park. I only came in because the shadows crept up to my spot and it got a bit chilly without the sun. Still, it’s a beautiful day. It was so nice, that I even got up at 8am (on a Sunday) and went for a morning run. Something I haven’t done since we moved to London. And the last time I ran at all? Christmas, back up north. Sunshine makes me happy. I get this urge to soak up all I can, so I get restless if I just sit indoors when I could be sitting outside. Maybe it comes from growing up in Finland where the winters are so dark. The first hint of spring and I’m OUT. I even try to have my lunchbreaks outdoors as often as possible.

I think I’ve figured out why my online presence has been sporadic. The location of my laptop seems to be a major factor. And the fact that now that I actually have stuff to blog about, I’m too busy actually doing the interesting things to sit down. Go figure. But things that have happened and are coming up involve a lot of socialising with new people, going to the theatre, trying amazing new restaurants, reading lots of books and finally finishing some projects so that I can cast on something new. My Myrtle cardigan is on the final stretch. Just working on the neckline band and then attaching buttons. Then I can wear it! Well, block it, then wear it, but I’m so close to being done that I’m already thinking of what to work on next. I love this part of knitting. The planning stage is almost as fun as the actual knitting…