Julia Temisevä
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Tea Rose Shawlette

Chart B written directions Row 14 should read: P3, yo, sl1, k2tog, psso, yo, p3…

Chart D written instructions Row 4 should read: P1, p2togtbl, yo, p1, yo, sl1, k2tog, psso, yo, p2togtbl, yo…

Bashful Butterflies

Instructions for Chart B should read: Work Chart B rows 1-13 once, 2-13 once then 2-7 again.

Total stitch count after Chart D should be 297 sts, not 365 sts.


Julia Temisevä
— This upcoming video may not be available to view yet.

Apparently, I should tell you all a bit about me.

I live in London, UK with my other half O, but still dream of flying away to Canada where there’s actual weather that won’t freak people out. Until that happens, I spend my time by knitting, spinning, designing knitwear and working away at my novel-in-progress/other random stories. Oh and we both dance ballroom & latin, so competition pics might make their way over here as well.

If we had pets, you’d hear a lot about them too. But we don’t.

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Julia Temisevä

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