I’ve changed my mind. I am going to continue the “Wait” story, only change the names and title. So the first chapter will still be named “The Wait” but the whole story’s title is gonna be something different. Not sure what exactly, but I’ll come up with something. Feeling very inclined to write now. I certainly was so last night. ^-^

It’s a wonder my legs haven’t begun complaining at me. Yesterday I had to go buy paper plates, napkins, white acrylic paint and fixative for Jaz. So I basically hiked from Schaerbeek to Evere, from Evere to Woluwe-St-Lambert and then back to Schaerbeek. *rolls eyes* God it was a long walk. Luckily it wasn’t raining, otherwise I would’ve protested. On my way from Carrefour to the mall, a man stopped me and asked where Rue de Colonel Bourg was. On any other given day I wouldn’t have had a clue, but since I had just consulted the bus map (I was following bus stops to find my way to the mall from Carrefour), I incidentally was heading for that street as well. The poor man was going in the opposite direction of where he was supposed to go. I told him to turn around and keep going straight until he comes to it. I continued on walking and after about 10 minutes, he showed up beside me again and gestured that should he keep going straight. I nodded, he waved thanks and went on his way. It’s so nice being able to help someone find something. :) Then, when I went to get Jaz from school, I noticed a man staring at me from his car going the opposite direction. The reason why I noticed him was because of his music. It was on so loud that even I could hear it through my headphones. I keep on walking but the guy turns his car around at the roundabout and drives past me grinning at me the whole time. I ignore him, but he turns around at the next roundabout (yes, there are at least 3 roundabouts on the way to VF) and drives past again, grinning the whole time! After this happens like 2 more times, I’m getting a bit freaked. So when he drives past me as I’m crossing the street, I let him go on to the next roundabout while I turn right and take an alternate route to VF. Didn’t see him after that. ^^;; Sure, I like getting attention (who doesn’t?) but sometimes when I’m walking alone it’s just creepy how some guys/men start following me. They should take some lessons from the ones who just say hi and wait for an answer. They’re polite. And usually somewhat cute. *grin* These followers are almost never cute or good-looking. They’re just creepy. *shudders*

Only a week and a half to go! ^_^