The floor is so shiny again! ^_^

I’m so happy with myself right now. I’ve finished the second and third chapters to “Opposites Attract”. Haven’t started the fourth chapter yet, but hopefully this motivation streak will continue during the weekend. ^_^

The cleaner came today! o/ I had given up hope that anyone would come this week. I was geared up to go over to the BBF office and let them know that they’re not living up to the once every two weeks cleaning they promised. Now all I have to tell them is that no one has come to change the lamps even though I had called two weeks ago and the man on the phone promised me someone would come that day or the next. *sigh* Ah well. Otherwise I wouldn’t bother about two light bulbs, since I’m leaving in 2½ weeks but I’m going to pay the rent so I might as well tell them while I’m there. Won’t cost me anything. XP

Yesterday Dad told me that they had sent us “only” 1000€. A little over half of it is going for the rent, but that’s like 450€ for us. O.O Then he apologized that they couldn’t send us anymore (like we’d need any more! 200€ would’ve been enough to give to Jaz when she goes to London for food and train tix, etc.), but the rest of the money they had managed to get together is going to pay for Jade’s throat surgery. When I heard that, I was like: “What?! What’s wrong with her?” But it turns out that it’s only her tonsils. She had been complaining about them for about 6 months now, so it’s a good thing they’re getting it sorted out. Jaz had the same reaction as I did when I told her that Jade’s going to be operated on. She didn’t get over it as quickly as I did though. Then she began saying how scared Jade’ll be because she can’t talk because it hurts which’ll make her cry, then the crying will hurt her throat even more. Well, I guess Jaz should know. She’s had her tonsils taken out. I haven’t. But we’ll get to talk to her on MSN tonight. ^-^ Dad said that she might be a bit late because they’re seeing the doctor today, but she’ll be online before we leave. :)

I have no idea how we’re going to get all of our stuff to fit into the suitcases we have. I just might be able to fit my stuff into my suitcase and backpack if I carry my winter coat on my arm instead of packing it into the suitcase. It’s Jaz’s things I’m worried about. There’s just so much stuff! Art supplies, clothes, school papers… *rolls eyes* In a way I’m glad that I’ve managed to live for months with stuff that’ll fit into just one medium-sized suitcase. Makes packing easy. XD