Silent Hill 2

We finished playing Silent Hill 2 a few days ago. Got the “Leave” ending. Was pretty much what I expected it to be, after playing Silent Hill and Silent Hill 4. There were two things that got me by surprise. 1) the newspaper article about Walter Sullivan (and then later finding his grave) 2) the writing on one of the walls in a store or something: “There used to be a HOLE here.” To me that just proves that when they were making SH2, they were sorta thinking about SH4. Still, the stories are separate enough to be played on their own without having to know the story of a previous game. I just kept expecting to see red notes slipped underneath the doors. Blame SH4. I really liked the Riddles (played it on Hard). As usual, we had to take out pen and paper to solve one. But that’s the whole fun of it. Making you think before allowing you to continue. The baddies were funny.. although not as funny as the two-headed babies burping everytime they were hit in SH4. Still, the headless mannequins (like always) they managed to scare me whenever they jumped out from behind a corner. Really did not like the Pyramid Heads. The music was pretty good too. I liked the tune the music boxes played (also a good riddle, even if it does assume that one knows fairy tales). Most of the sound effects managed to make me jump, so they were as effective as they were supposed to be. Oliver thought I was being ridiculous hugging the pillow whenever there was the ominous sounds in the hallways of the apartment buildings, but.. but.. sounds scare me! Even more than images. Sounds can be terrifying. That’s when my imagination gets going. I’d probably hate being blind.. not mind being deaf. Although that’d mean I couldn’t listen to music anymore. And I’m straying from what I was talking about. Back to SH2. The people who thought of these games.. they’re twisted. Really weird plots. I mean, really. Dead people, cults, holes in the walls.. what’s up with this whole alternate reality? Really confusing. Especially without a map. Anyway, over all it’s a pretty good game. Frustrating at times, but that’s what spoiler free walkthroughs are meant for. XD

Silent Hill 2, Playstation, PS2