Weird coincidence

Yesterday Oliver and I went to Rotherham to get more Pimsleur language courses from the library and to find a coloring book. I guess it’s that time of year again, when different charities try to get others to sign up for stuff. There were loads of “Save The Blind” people around, but we managed to dodge them. Apparently they like to aim for the boyfriend half of the couple because he’ll be more likely to respond so he can show his girlfriend how caring he is. Which is exactly what one of the girls did. Didn’t stay to talk to her though. Just when we thought that we were safe, this guy in dark blue holding a clip board catches us by surprise. So there we were, having to listen to him talk about monks while I was thinking: “Wait a minute.. isn’t this the same guy we met in Blackpool in March??” I donated 1p, didn’t have more with me.. and that one just happened to what I had found 10 minutes earlier on the ground. When we finally got rid of him, Oliver and I just looked at each other and asked (pretty much at the same time): “Haven’t we seen him before?” After going to the market, we bump into him again and ask if he was in Blackpool. It was the same guy. Here’s the funny part: he thought that we were on our honeymoon back then. o_O

Still, what are the chances that we bump into him again while we’re together? I mean, I’m not over here that often. The monk thought the same, that it was “intervention from someone up there” so he gave us a book about his religion (Hindi?). About Visnu and Krishna anyway.. Just too bad that I’m not interested in religion right now. All of the Mormons that I’ve met have had nothing to do with each other so they can’t be sending notes to each other to track me. Is there something about me that makes these religious people flock to me? I mean, I feel like I’m being followed by Mormons and now this guy…

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