It’s finally done!

We’ve just completed the 3D puzzle of Big Ben. 1400 odd pieces.. the windows were a real pain. So now it’s standing proudly on the coffee table in the living room. 127 cm in height.. in the end I had to stand on a chair while we attached the roof of it to the walls. No, I’m not that short, this whole thing was standing on the dining room table. So of course I couldn’t reach that high. XP The windows were a real pain to complete but once that was done, the actual walls were easy to complete. Only took us about 2 days. ^-^ Next we’re gonna build the Capitol building. The cottage is already done. That one took us about 2 hrs.. the length of a movie.

We went to Rotherham yesterday. Got the Russian Pimsleur discs. Learning Russian is a bit more fun than German. Probably because I’ve studied German earlier and I wasn’t learning new stuff that often. Although I hadn’t heard about doch (or however it’s spelled) before listening to Pimsleur. I now know how to say “Excuse me” and “I understand a little Russian” in Russian. Which is true. I understand it when someone asks me if I can understand Russian. XD Of course my vocabulary is very limited right now but it’ll have the chance to grow if we keep listening to one lesson a day.

Puzzle 3-D, Big Ben, Pimsleur, Russian