God this is so frustrating!

Okay, so I went to the bank on Monday and tried to open an account. They said they needed a paper from Aberystwyth saying that I’ll be staying over there. So I come back, call Aberystwyth, explain the situation to them and they say that they’ll send me the standard letter they give whenever someone needs to open a bank account immediately (spoke to 8 people before I got the right person). The lady at the other end obviously didn’t listen to me because when I got the letter this morning, it had my Finnish address. Well, I tried it anyway today with Oliver’s dad. No luck. So I had to call Aberystwyth again. They said that they don’t know my halls of residence address yet. I told them that even just the main address of the hall I’ll be staying in is enough to open the account. So the lady said that she’ll try to send it to me as soon as she could. But really. Whose idea was it to make it so complicated for foreign students to get a DirectDebit form of paying? They won’t let me enter the halls of residence until a) I’ve paid the whole amount in full or b) given them a Direct Debit form. I don’t have the whole sum, so it’s the Direct Debit that I’ve got to use. But I can’t hand them a completed form before I have a bank account. And I can’t get an account before I have proof of residence. *rolls eyes* Whoever thought of this system… urgh.. it’s just such a pain.

And I only have 10 days before I’m supposed to be there!! O_O;;;

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