Train or car?

Seems like I’m not going to Belgium before I go to Aberystwyth. I kinda got the feeling that I wouldn’t when I didn’t go two weeks ago. So now I don’t know do I book train tickets to Aberystwyth from here or go to London and my dad’ll drive me.. I should know tomorrow. Possibly. Could be that I have to wait until Monday. But at least I now know my vaccinations. No need to flub them, my mom found the card where they’re recorded or something like that.. ^_^ Next on my list of things to do (besides mail the medical document), is to find out if I can get any opiskelijatuki stuff from KELA or the equivalent of it in Belgium.. I should be able to get *something*. Even if it’s just 20€/week or 20€/month, I don’t care. Any money is good. Krisi’s gonna get about 100€/month when she turns 20.. now it’s only about 50€/month. I’ll possibly get a part-time job at Aberystwyth. Work at the Union or something. Any place that is flexible concerning work hours during exam periods.

Aberystwyth, money, part-time work, vaccinations