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The leveller Well done; you’ve a healthy and balanced approach to life. You are strong at both thinking and feeling and, as a result, can spot problems and solve them quickly, easily and effectively. Just carry on as you are!

Who are you - and why? As a leveller, you’ve got your life together. While other personalities major too much on thinking or feeling, you are in perfect balance. You respond to situations with clear-sightedness, taking your cue from your feelings, but using your mind to help you make decisions and action plans. Pretty much what the MBPT test told me a few years ago.. being an INTJ and all..

The positives: You’re very together. You really take life by the scruff of the neck and do what you want with it. You make and achieve your goals because you have all the bits of the lifestyle jigsaw. I like that sentence.. very together. ^-^

The negatives: There aren’t many other people like you. You might sometimes feel you’re the only sorted person in the world! True.. I can’t think of many others like me..

The leveller at work: You are a good colleague and team member able to support but also keep people on task. You’re particularly good at management roles where the need is to balance out different sets of needs without getting swamped by your feelings.

The leveller in love: You are a great partner because you rarely get hooked into the sort of destructive patterns that many of the other personality types do. Good to know..

Your love match is: Your ideal pairing is with a leveller and you’ll both live happily ever after. With any of the other personality types you risk doing all the giving, simply because you are more together than they are.

What should you do? Carry on doing what you’re doing and make sure that your friends, relatives, colleagues and partners are duly grateful for your having you around. I think they do appreciate me.. So no worries in that department. ^-^

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