Happy Halloween!

The Union seems to be in ghoulish spirits tonight. They’re showing “The Amityville Horror” for free if you’ve got an NUS card. I watched the first 30 mins of it and decided that was enough. I couldn’t make myself watch any more of it. Not because it was a bad movie, it just brought up too many things that I just don’t feel like thinking about when I go to sleep. Alone. *shudders* I mean, it’s not very cheerful to be thinking about how a guy murders his whole family right when you’re going to bed now is it? Especially when I know so much about the actual murders (did a presentation on it two years ago.. not the happiest of subjects but.. well, that’s what the teacher wanted and I aced it so I’m not complaining).

Onto cheerier things. Handed in my essay this morning, found out that next week I won’t be having any French lessons so I can go over to Rotherham to buy a comp that Thursday. Apparently in Aber there aren’t that many good comp stores so I’ll just wait to go to Meadowhall.. Dad called today. No comp for me yet, so that’s why I’m getting it from Rotherham.. most likely. Not totally sure yet. Anyhoo.. Jade’s sick. The flu. :(

There are ppl (as in other students) dressed up and trick-or-treating.. pretty worthless trying the dorms since we’re students. We’re broke. We don’t share the little candy that we do have.. o.O

he he.. it’s 23:23 right now. ^-^

Yeah. I’m tired. But I wanna work on my creative writing assignment. Need over 500 words to submit for a reading slot. Guess I should go spy on ppl some more. He liked the way I emphasized the imperative words of the airline rehearsed speech I “recorded”.. ^-^ Hmm.. I’ve already got over 1,000 words for my portfolio and the story hasn’t even begun yet! But JC (teach) said that I can submit the rest of the story in the second portfolio. So iz all guuuuuuud..

Okay, stopping rambling here. Going to work on combining mimesis and diegesis. *nods*

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