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Mr. Right - His Personality

What are you really looking for? Your ideal match is charming, good with people and handles stressful situations with grace. He’s filled with a friendly, positive energy and secretly might wonder why he’s not famous yet. Chances are he doesn’t get annoyed with people very easily, and he can handle stressful situations with grace. Yup, sounds good..

Is he a rare breed? Approximately 6% of men have that exact personality type. Another 17% are similar to the type you’re looking for.

What makes him different from other men? It’s that your ideal man prefers to be surrounded by safe, comfortable environments that tend to be risk-free.

Who’s your competition? About 14% of women your age are after the exact type of man you are. And 6% of men have that personality type. As you can see, your ideal man is in high demand. Okay.. but that still means that I’ve got a chance of snagging my ideal man XP

What’s so compelling about him? Women are most attracted to the extent to which your ideal man is confident.

You - Your personality What do people see in you? You’re confident, dependable and goal-oriented. When you make a plan you stick with it. Your natural friendliness and charm mean you’re great at meeting people. And chances are you handle this popularity with grace since you take your personal life very seriously. Or as I’ve been recently called: competitive.

How do you compare to others? You’re highly unique, as only 5% of women your age have the same personality type. Another 13% have personality types similar to yours. Lucky me?

What will men notice about you? It’s the extent to which you are that sets you apart from other women your age. The extent of what?? I’m confused.. why didn’t they tell me??? ;_;

Do men like your type? 13% of men are looking for your exact type. Another 53% are looking for someone highly similar to your type.

What do men like about your type? Men like the extent to which you’re materialistic. The research indicates that men are most drawn to your desire to live the good life. True.. I’ve been brought up living the good life and it’d be nice to continue living that way..

You and Mr. Right - Comparison How do you and your ideal match compare? Overall, you prefer men who are very similar to you. Here’s how you and your ideal partner compare on 4 important dimensions of personality. And this is another spot where they gave a diagram thingie that I couldn’t copy, so.. *shrugs*

Mr. Right - His Sex Life Who’s the right match for you sexually? Your ideal sexual partner is a very passionate person who knows how to fully enjoy sex. has a highly active sex drive and imagination when it comes to trying new sexual moves. And these characteristics set up for having intense and pleasurable sexual encounters that bring much satisfaction – even if they don’t include orgasm. More than most people,[he] knows how to value the pleasures of sexuality and is not afraid to pursue those feelings when the timing is right.

How rare are men of this sex type? Your ideal sex partner’s combination of sexual tendencies is shared by approximately 28% of all people who have taken our TrueMatch test. Another 28% of men have similar sexual traits.

What makes your ideal man different when it comes to sex? It’s that he focuses more on the physical rush of sex.

Are other women after the same kind of men when it comes to sex? 34% of women are looking for exactly the same kind of man. Another 37% are looking for a similar type of man when it comes to sex. As you can see, your ideal sexual partner is in high demand by other women.

What do other women find most attractive about your ideal sexual partner? It’s the the extent to which he likes to get creative with sex.

You - Your Sex Life What’s your sexual type? You have a strong, healthy, interest in the physical pleasures of sex. You’re interested in everything from seduction through to experimenting with what feels most pleasurable to you. You are secure with your sexual abilities, but you’re not the type to boast about them. You, more than others, need to feel that sexual experiences are ways of connecting emotionally with your partner. To get maximum sexual pleasure, you need strong emotional connections to your partner as well as a physical compatibility.

How common are your sexual likes? Your unique combination of sexual traits is shared by approximately 11% of all women who have taken the TrueMatch test. What separates you from other women your age is the pleasure you get from connecting emotionally with your partner during sex.

Do men like what you like in sex? 14% love your sexual type, 58% like your type, 26% think that your type is okay and 3% prefer other sexual types.

What do men see as your biggest sexual turn-on? Men will be most attracted to how confident you are in your sexual abilities

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