Another fire drill

So yeah, woken up by the fire alarm again. This morning it was at 7:30 and it turns out that it was a fire drill. We were so not happy. One guy even complained at them for choosing to wake all of us up today. Mainly because we were woken up yesterday morning at 7 a.m. because the fire alarm went off (most likely because of someone’s shower). Their reason for doing this drill was to count all the people and make sure that everyone got out. The complaining guy pointed out that they should’ve been here to count everyone yesterday morning when it actually did go off. And obviously, this counting business isn’t very effective because Dani’s boyfriend spent the night in her room (and therefore wasn’t present in his own building when they had the drill) and Oliver’s over here too. How are they supposed to know who’s gone home for some reason or another?

fire drill