I am so sleepy! I went to bed last night at like midnight and I actually did fall asleep after about an hour. But then I get a text message from Ryan at like 1:30, then Oliver calls me at 1:45 and then again at 2!! Okay, so it was to confirm what time he’s coming over here today but still!! Me needs sleep. *sniffle*

But I did wake up in time for my French test. And my breakfast exploded in the microwave. Nice way to start the morning, eh? >_< I handed in my essay, met a girl named Rebecca, bought Jaz’s Christmas present (a part of it anyway) and now I’m here.. in the computer room waiting for Creative Writing to start. What an exciting life I lead. XD

I was just asked if I wanted to share a house with 8 other people.. mainly the ones in my flat. Otherwise I’d be fine with it, but they don’t know how to clean up. And a certain someone can be very loud. Plus there’s the tiny fact that I’m hoping to go away next year to the US. So I actually wouldn’t be here to live with them. XD Although, if I don’t get into the program, then I have no clue as to where I’d be staying… really wouldn’t like to stay in the halls again, but if that’s my only option then I’ll just have to deal. Or I could try to find a house that’s looking for one person to occupy a room..

Anywayz, no point in stressing about that now. Too sleepy to think about it coherently. So I guess I’ll just go browse the websites of the different unis in the US to see which ones have a Creative Writing program I could participate in next year..

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