Summer’s here…

It’s so warm over here. Usually I wouldn’t complain about it since I like summer and all. But for some reason, the temperature in Oliver’s bedroom is unbearable. We did go shopping yesterday and he bought this unit thingy that has lowered the temperature a bit, but not by much. So I’ve been outside reading a lot. Tanned quite a bit, much to Oliver’s dismay. He doesn’t like me being brown. And now I’ve developed this weird coloring on my chest of brown, pink and white. XD

I’ve got my visa for the States. Only had to wait for them to process the application for three and a half hours. They didn’t have any air conditioning in there either. And I forgot to take something to read with me, so it was kinda boring just sitting there listening to the announcements of: “Now serving customer number ### and number ##”. Anyway, I’ve got the visa. o/ I’ve decided that the sauce they use at Nando’s is really good. So I’m gonna buy some before I go and take it home with me. ^-^

The strike is over, so I should get my results on time in July. I know that I got 64% for my second portfolio (improvement ^_^) which means that my grade for that module would most likely be 62.5%. Don’t know will they round it up to 63%. So now I might have to e-mail my other tutors and ask if they could e-mail me back the front pages of my essays so I’d know what I got from them.

While we were in London we stopped by Foyles (naturally). I bought three books: Necroscope IV &V and The Historian. Right now I’m over half way through The Historian. It’s interesting stuff, more like a thriller than a horror book (it was in the horror section). It’s about Dracula and how he’s haunting these historians by leaving these blanks books that only have a picture of a dragon in the middle of them. It’s text upon text upon text. Sorta like The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner. XD