Baby dream

I just remembered the dream I had last night. It was so freaky. Okay, so I don’t remember all of it, just one scene.

I was a nanny for this one family. I was taking care of a toddler. A girl, I think. Anyway, I felt like I should take the baby. I don’t know why, just that it was the best thing for the kid. Then the next day, I took her. I got to the front gate, hearing the mother screaming for me, and I just couldn’t make myself take the baby away. I couldn’t. It was so.. scary. I went back to the mother as quickly as I could, handed over the girl and I remember clearly saying: “I’m so sorry. I couldn’t. I just couldn’t.” And then running away from her with this dark red old slim book in my hands.

I felt so guilty and freaked when I woke up. To the fire alarm. >_<