Busy busy bee has been lil ole me

I’ve been sooooooo busy the past week. First there was the flurry of activity when my sister moved house (just down the road, not far at all but still) while we were still staying at their place. That was on Thursday. Then I flew out here to Montana on Saturday. That was a long day. But I did get to talk to some interesting people while I was waiting in the airport. I’ve actually got a videoclip of this group of Canadian Italians singing while we were waiting for our plane to arrive (it was an hour and a half late). I’ll put it up later when I can actually be bothered to upload pics and stuff. I do have those, I just have to resize and crop quite a few of them. Back to the hectic-ness of my days here in the States. Sunday I spent all day unpacking and trying to get my computer hooked up to the internet. That didn’t happen until yesterday because they were being really slow over at the office that sets up the connections. Monday and Tuesday were all day of Foreign Student Orientation. They gave me a shot! *sniffle* It actually hurt more than when I go donate blood and that’s when they drain me! Hmm…

Anyway. Now I’ve got a bank account open, I’ve been to Target to buy another (thicker) pillow and a mattress pad. For some reason the mattresses over here in Miller Hall ridiculously hard. So after sleeping on a hard mattress for four nights, I decided it was time to get something to soften it up, even if it is just a little bit. I miss my own bed back in Belgium. That mattress is sooooo nice and it’s at the perfect height too. The beds over here are really high up too. I’m not used to it. But it’s still an easy climb into bed, so I should be okay. I just have to remember in the mornings that I’m not as close to the floor as I used to be.

I’ve finished reading Necroscope 2. I would like to start the third one straight away, but the silly thing is, my mom packed the fifth one and left the third and fourth over in Chicago. So I’ll get them at the latest during Thanksgiving. Which means that my choice was between The Last of the Mohicans and Labyrinth. I went eeny-meeny-miney-mo and wound up with Mr. Cooper’s story. So far it’s good.

I’ve met a bunch of people over here. Mostly other international students, but a few Americans too. There are quite a few Japanese and Chinese students here. The two Japanese girls that I can recognize and have talked to for a bit are Emi and Miyuki/Mi-han. She hasn’t quite decided which one she wants us to call her. There’s a German and two English girls in the same building as me. On my floor I’ve met Amanda, Christy (the RA) and Michelle, my roommate. Michelle came to drop off some of her stuff today. She won’t actually move in here properly until Sunday. She seems really nice. Apparently our birthdays are only two days apart. Two Cancers living together. I wonder how moody it’ll get in here…

I’ve signed up for two programs over here. They’re the Missoula International Friendship Program (MIFP) and the Peer Assistant (PA) program. In MIFP, there’s like this “host” family that’ll want to do things with new students to show them what it’s like living in the States and stuff. The PA program is similar with the students being paired up with other UM students. I’ll be fairly busy this year, unlike last year. This way I’ll know which one is a better fit for me next year back at Aber. :)

I just remembered that I have to meet up with my advisor tomorrow, but I won’t meet them until after the departmental meeting. Which means I should go to bed. It’s early in the morning… Oh the joys of being a student. At least I won’t necessarily have classes every day. ^-^

Oh and if someone wants my phone number or address while I’m here, just leave a comment or e-mail me. :)