Results and stuff

I’ve got my results. 67.33% for the whole year. Which makes it a solid 2.1. ^_^ My modules were: Study of English: 63 Writer’s Art 1: 68 Basic French: 90 Aspects of Genre: 62 Contemporary Writing: 58 Writer’s Art 2: 63

So all in all, I’m happy. Of course I wish that CW would’ve been just a little bit higher so that everything would be at least a 2.1. And the French did skew my results just a bit. If it isn’t included, then my average is 62.8%. Still a 2.1, so yay. o/

Meeting Tian-Le today. I was actually supposed to see her 15 mins ago, but she overslept and missed her train. So I’ll see her in 45 mins. :) Don’t know what we’ll do today, probably just hang around Brussels for a bit before coming home. And I’m buying my Eurostar tickets. Jaz and I are going to Sheffield for the weekend. :D Oh! And my pictures have been developed! I just have to go pick them up today. ^-^

And since my mom is being annoying about cleaning my room and making sure the living room is perfect, I gotta go. Oh the joys of cleaning & straightening up when others tell you to. I don’t mind doing it when I feel like it, but it’s not fun when someone orders you to clean up. >_<

P.S. I love the treadmill! Such a great feeling after using it for an hour.