I went to donate blood yesterday. Well, tried to donate would be more appropriate. When they pricked my middle finger to test my iron level, the blood squirted out and scared the nurse. XD But since they’ve got a high cut-off level (125) to make sure that once the blood has been donated that the iron levels won’t drop below normal, I wasn’t allowed to donate since I was at 120. First time that has happened. Ah well, after 90 days I can try again. And that time I’ll also see if I can donate platelets. ^_^

Shopped a bit too: two pairs of shoes and some yarn and needles. All for under £20.

Then in the morning before I went shopping and sort of giving blood, I baked! I made pulla and it’s got a lot of butter in it already… but everyone who tried it put some more on it! That’s compromising the wonderful taste of pulla and clogging up arteries. Bob even put butter and jam on it. *shudder* Pulla is supposed to be had like it is with either tea, coffee or a nice glass of cold milk. It’s got all the flavor it needs in the dough. I had fun making it though. Took me four hours. (But that’s because this batch took forver to rise!) XD