Figured I needed to update…

Okay folks, not much has happened since I got back to the UK. I stay in all day watching TV and knitting (and doing Hanjie and sometimes reading too…). Plus, I clean around the house when everyone else is out because I don’t want to get in their way, nor have them in my way. I disagree with some of the ways that things are done around here, but it is their house, not mine, so I won’t say anything. I’ve been out with Jill (Oliver’s mom) twice now since she has the week off work. A lot of walking around markets and such. Bought 900g of yarn yesterday in Barnsley, so I’ve got enough to make me a sweater. 80/20 blend of acrylic and wool, but it was cheap so I figured I might as well. At least I can throw it in the washing machine instead having to hand wash it.

I’ve also begun dancing. I go to a ballroom/latin dance class with Oliver every Wednesday night. My feet still get all muddled up, but I am getting better. Am seriously thinking of joining the dance team at Aber next year. Or at least taking more classes. It’s good exercise! Especially the waltz (I really feel that in my glutes for some reason). ^-^

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