Dreaming of sneezing babies

I guess I am going to the morning session of dancing as well, seeing as I am up before nine. Guess what I woke up to? Really loud, high-pitched laughter, sort of like cackling. When I went to get breakfast, I found the source: Tom’s room. Why on earth would he have someone over this early??

Anyway, it is kind of a relief that I did wake up. Had really really weird dreams. In the first one, I tackled my mother because she was attacking one of my sisters. Then in the second one, a weird tent collapsed on me, then I was holding a baby girl, she sneezed on me (got me straight in the eye too!) and there was some lady nosing around about how I’m funding my dancing. All very odd. And kinda disturbing. o_O;;

Since I was so busy yesterday, when I finally did get back to my room and had dinner at 9pm, I went to bed early. By 10:30. Of course, I was listening to Harry Potter and waiting for Oliver to call, so I didn’t actually go to sleep then. It was nice to just lie in bed, not having to think about anything. And I didn’t feel guilty for not working on my portfolio when I got back, since I had a lot of spare time up at the uni before I could come back down, I worked on it there. I should have another 350 words done now. Next I need to write the commentary for it before starting on the next piece.

*yawns* Right. Need tea. I have a feeling that I’m getting a cold (got soaked yesterday during lunch, so that might be why). Honey tea should help at least a little bit…