An interesting night

Okay, tonight has been odd to say the least. First of all, around nine p.m., the fire alarm went off. Nothing new there, right? Wrong. It went off because they needed to evacuate the buildings because there was a gas leak and we could have been blown to smithereens. And apparently, this gas has been present in the building for like four days. I thought I had smelled something off about twenty minutes before the alarm went off, but Lucy and Tash, two of Gabe’s flatmates, had been feeling ill and stuff and they’d told the porters about it. Several times. They hadn’t taken them seriously, but finally their foot stomping got someone to come up and check it out. Why yes, yes indeed, there’s a gas leak. *rolls eyes* So out we go. Thankfully we were allowed to go in Alexandra Hall to wait instead having to stay out in the cold and get wet from the sea spray. Remember when I said that there were big waves earlier today? Those were nothing compared to these waves (and actually, that surf is still crashing away there).

So I’m in Alexandra Hall, knitting since I had my needles in my hands when the alarm went off and I just took them with me. I don’t stop knitting in the middle of a lace row unless I really really have to. I’m sitting there, listening to Gabe tell some girl named Ruth about his grand plans for transforming the university if he were the vice chancellor or something of UWA. Eventually people left the entrance hall, probably went to the pub that’s next door now that I think about it, and soon it’s just me and those two. Then another guy I sorta recognize shows up (turns out we met at a party during our first year) and Gabe and Ruth go explore the building. Then Alex, the other guy, goes after them. So I’m all alone in the entrance hall when a group of girls and a guy come from one of the flats and ask if we can go back into our buildings yet. Told them I don’t know, no one has told me anything. We all get to chatting, they comment on my knitting and I offer to teach them how to do it. Continue chatting some more and this guy comes rushing in from outside, and in rapid German, tells the group that some guy has fallen into the sea. One of the girls translated this for me since my German really ain’t that good. Anyway. Then three of the girls Gabe lives with come rushing into to Alexandra Hall to check if Gabe’s still alive and not drowned in the sea. He’s not there, so I can’t really help them. So eventually our building dude Stefan (who’s also German btw) comes to tell me that I can go back in (I’m the only one he recognizes, but that’s because he was my tutor during my first year). I set up a time with the German girls to go yarn shopping on Monday (not tomorrow, but a week later) then come back. Squee! Other knitters! *happy dance*

Jaz is a bit pissy that I haven’t said anything to her in the past hour or so on MSN, but I tell her why and she’s cool with it. Then I’m talking with Gabe on MSN as well and he invites me over. So up I go to the third floor and chat with him, Lucy and Tash. Turns out that what they’ve heard is that the police are trying to determine if the person that went over the railing just fell or was pushed. They told me that there had been a large group of people, some holding drinks and stuff, and when people are drunk, they do stupid things. Like push people over railings because they think it’s funny in their inebriated state. No clue what actually happened though. There’ll possibly be an e-mail about it tomorrow. I hope that whoever it was that went over is okay. Those are some huge rocks beneath the railing over on this end of the beach…