Random bits of my life

I have a bruise and a scratch the shape of a high heeled shoe’s heel on top of my right foot. Hurts. :( But those are the dangers of dancing. Need to get used to it. I bought some shoes on Friday to dance in. Pretty strappy black things with sparkly bits. Got them from Peacocks. They’re actually the exact same shoes as Sophie’s got. I wanted the gold heels they had, but those didn’t have a strap around the ankle and thus, they’d fly off my feet when I tried dancing. At today’s session, the first Sunday session I’ve ever been to, I practiced with Oliver. Apparently my timing is way way off. XD Can follow okay, but timing is just not something I can do. Only four of us showed up, none are competing next weekend. Well, Oliver is, but not with me. :P

I’m not too big of a fan of the whole buzzer/intercom thing we’ve got in our building. Let’s take last night/this morning for instance. It’s somewhere around 4:30-5:45 am and a really loud noise wakes us all up. It’s as if someone’s playing a very bad song with our buzzer. I did not appreciate waking up that way. Not at all.

It’s been ridiculously windy out here. Making my window whistle annoyingly. The sea has not stopped churning for the past three-four days. That’s being loud too. I mean, it’s nice watching it while drinking a nice cup of hot tea. It is not, however, nice to walk in it. Sort of felt like a wall of wind hitting me every so often as I was walking back from the train station after Oliver left.

I knit a few rows of my Isabella tonight. It’s going really really slowly. As is the Scrap Diamond Shawl I’m making. And I still need to make some Twinkletoes for Jade before I go home. I’d rather make socks, but she really wants some ballet slipper things. So that’s what she shall get.

I wish my room wouldn’t get so cold. I don’t like to have to be layered up all the time. Of course, it does give me a reason to wear the stuff I make, especially the socks, but it’s still not very pleasant.

It’s pretty likely that I won’t be competing at Manchester. I’m still going, but no competitive dancing for me. If I get my first portfolio done by Friday, which I’m pretty sure I will since I only need another 640 words to reach the minimum, I’ll be going up to Sheffield before Saturday and going there with Oliver. Not really into travelling on a cold minibus in the middle of the night for over four hours when I can take two comfy trains up north and then travel in a nice warm coach with Oliver for an hour on the day of the competition instead. Then there’s another portfolio due on the 14th. That’s almost half done. Unfortunately, the half that’s missing is the commentary. Always a pain to write. Plus I need to rework the creative piece a bit. Lengthen it, clear up confusing passages, slow down the action in part that went by too quickly.

Happy December to all! I finally get to wear my festive jewelry. ^_^ And with that, I’m off to bed. Hopefully knit a row or two before actually going to sleep.