Loot x 2

Where have I been? Cursing a certain yarn and the baby stuff that was requested to be knit in it. Seriously, the yarn is the most awful stuff ever. Especially when one loves stitch definition and this yarn has none. None at all. The stitch definition thing is also why I try to avoid mohair and angora. I want to see stitches!

Anyway, now that the baby knitting is finally done, I can catch up on my blogging. Ages ago I got my final Sip’n’Stitch tea shipment:

100925 - sipnstitch

Don’t know what the yarn wants to be yet. The second shipment definitely wants to be socks (even now, after fraternizing with the other yarn in the stash). This one hasn’t made up its mind yet. I haven’t tried out the tea or the soap yet either, but they smell divine. I’m really happy with this shipment. Just a bit sad that I won’t be participating in the next round of Sip’N’Stitch (coffee again).

Then last weekend was the Wool & Textile event that my LYSO organises every year. I went there in search of 470 yards of worsted weight to make a Peaks Island Hood by Ysolda and 6mm needles. I got the needles from Wingham Woolworks’ stall (and I resisted buying more fibre), but I didn’t find the yarn. But I did come home with this:

100926 - w&t loot

That green yarn is 4ply 100% lambswool (I think the color’s called Stonehenge?). It’ll be paired with a pretty yellow (Marzipan) to make colorwork mittens. And the yellow will also be paired with an orange-y red (Spice) to make another pair of mittens. Those two colors were in stock at the fair, but Jill (LYSO) said that she’ll order them in and let me know when she’s got them. Can’t wait!

I’ve also recently broken down and bought Lady Gaga’s The Fame Monster album (which we listen to in the car) and now I can’t get the songs out of my head. So darn catchy.