Mmmmmmmmmmalabrigo scarf!

100830 - newday01

Since I’m still plugging away at Laminaria (only three rows to go before bind off!) and that’s my only current knitting, I decided to show off my scarf. My Mmmmmmmmmalabrigo scarf. The yarn is so yummy it’s unbelievable.

I knit this back in March, but only got around to blocking and photographing it this weekend. Pretty isn’t it? The color’s a bit off in the picture though. It’s actually a very pretty almost mint-y green, not the grey-ish color it’s showing up as.

Another plus is that the pattern’s free (New Day by Heather Zoppetti; it’s on Ravelry)! And it only took me one hank of Malabrigo Lace to make it.