Oh my

Oh dear. June has just flown by. Lots of things happened.

Two of my sisters came to visit. Had loads of fun. Miss them. But I’ll get to see them at Christmas.

WOOLFEST (this will get its own post eventually).

We’ve booked our trip to SCOTLAND (don’t ask why I’m typing some stuff in all caps. Some words/events just require it to be so.) So excited. There will be pictures when we get back.

Been shopping in the sales. Bought lots of girly stuff during some amazing deals. First it was Body Shop stuff for 1/3 of the price, today it was jewellery and two tops from Dorothy Perkins for about a third of the price too! 

Remembered why I don’t wear a lot of blue nail polish. My fingers look like I’m slowing turning into a Smurf.

I’ve become addicted to www.jigidi.com. Free online jigsaw puzzles. ‘Nuff said.

I seem to have two beetroots growing outdoors. Not sure how they’re still alive since I planted them last year and then just forgot about them. Very impressed with their hardiness.

Also been reading a lot. Currently reading Let’s Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson. Dying with laughter.

As for knitting, the Green Leaf Shrug (a variation of the Safire pattern; I added lace to the sleeves) is finally done. PSA: Sewing on buttons is a pain in the neck. I’m also participating in WendyKnits’ Summer Solstice Mystery Shawl KAL. Using yarn I bought while in Chicago two years ago. And The Unique Sheep’s Spirit of Guernsey KAL is about to start (Black Day Lily on Ling with beads from EarthFaire). Can’t wait!

And I’ll leave you for now with a convo from my work today:

L: “Guess what’s the smallest country in the world.” C shrugs. L: “Vatican city.” T: “Isn’t that where Batman’s from?”