Edinburgh Trip

Well, we got back from Scotland on Wednesday. Technically we got to Sheffield at about 3pm but we went over to O’s parents for the afternoon/evening. See, O got Stark Trek TNG episodes on blu-ray and wanted to share. We also needed to drop off our car there so that O’s dad could go take it to the garage the next morning (one of the windows broke, as in the electrical mechanism thing broke so it was stuck in the up position). Repairing it was pricey, which has led me to the conclusion that our car is female. Attention-seeking, high-maintenance and, excuse my French, a bit of a bitch.

But! We did get to go to Edinburgh. The drive there was nice. I know my dad would love the drive. All full of curves and up and down. Almost like a roller coaster. The only annoying bit was that when on the single carriageways, there aren’t many places to pass other vehicles because of how much the road twists and turns. So if you’re stuck behind a slow driver, then you’re stuck for quite awhile. The views however were fabulous. We stayed a dinky B&B for three nights. The only thing that it really had going for it was the location. The room itself was adequate, but I wouldn’t stay there again for various reasons. One of the more amusing aspects of the place was that someone kept altering the negative guestbook entries into positives. When we arrived someone had written “Poor attitude, 0 stars” and by the time we left, it read “Good attitude, 2 stars.” Then there was a comment that had been completely scribbled out. Guess there weren’t enough words to transform into positives with that one…

Edinburgh itself is lovely (go see Picasa/Google+ for more photos; there’s a link at the bottom to the Picasa album). We saw a lot of the tourist sights like the Castle, the zoo and the Edinburgh Dungeons (one of the cannibals snuck up on me and made me shriek which was slightly embarrassing). It rained all day on Monday when we went to the zoo, but the next day was nice. We also went to two museums and found a really nice inexpensive restaurant (City Restaurant). I also came home with a really nice print by Matylda Konecka I ran across in one of the galleries.

On the way back, we stopped by Heddon-on-the-Wall to see Hadrian’s Wall. I know it isn’t tall, but I was still surprised at how wide it is. We then stopped by a small place called Dingle Dell Deli for lunch. They had really nice sandwiches and I also picked up a jar of homemade raspberry jam.

I’m glad we got to go, but I’m even more glad to be home.

Edinburgh Trip