Long time no post…

Not much has really happened since my last post. Or then I’ve just got a really bad memory. Either way, there won’t be much text this time.

Right now I’m in England again. Got here a little over a week ago. Haven’t done much. But then again, I never do much when I’m here. XP On Monday is Oliver’s graduation (the reason for my presence here), which means that we’re going back to London on Sunday. I’m going back to Finland on Tuesday. *sniffle* But hey, it’s been a good three weeks when I leave. It’s just annoying that we have to spend six weeks apart before we can see each other again. He was supposed to come over to Finland for my birthday, but since RyanAir doesn’t do cheap tickets during the holidays, he can’t afford to come. That just means that I’ll be coming over here in AUgust again. I’ll most likely have to pay for it myself but that’s what I’ve done before too. Nothing new there. I wonder if I still remember how to use the register if I can get myself a couple of shifts after our trip to Dubai. I’d also need to be somewhere in the Espoo-Vantaa-Helsinki area if I want to work. Well, we’ll see. I actually kinda liked working. Okay, so the actual work wasn’t that exciting, but I sure did like the paycheck. *grin*

One thing I learned while Oliver was in Brussels was that there are bats in the parks. Did anyone else know that? We found a “bat roundabout” in Parc Josaphat. It looked like some of the bats were drunk; their flight patterns were so random. And hedgehogs are really noisy too! And kinda oblivious to humans until we’re blocking their path. Maybe they’re deaf or something…

I’m getting a new tooth. Wisdom tooth I think. Really hurts, because I keep biting my cheek accidentally. So now there’s this big gash.. ;_;

We met some Mormons a few days before we left Brussels. According to Oliver they were exactly the things you don’t like about Americans, i.e. loud. And I agree with him on that point. Sister Robins is loud. Especially when you consider the size of her. She’s tiny! And everything they learned about us they thought was great. That got to be a bit annoying. But in the end, I still liked them. I wound up giving them my e-mail address and Ellu’s address. When they heard that Tom was from Salt Lake City (at least I think he’s from there), they wanted to contact them. I guess I should tell Ellu about them. ^^;;

I like living on my own. Or at least when I do all of the food shopping and cooking. That way I get to decide what kind of food I eat. And it looks like that has paid off. If the scales I’ve been using are correct, I’ve lost 6,5kg in the last four months. o/ And I haven’t even had to cut off chocolate. It really helps to just drink water. At first we had iced tea as well, but we figured it’d be more economical to drink just water (half the price for the same amount). So all in all, I didn’t try to put Jaz or myself on a diet, we just slowly cut out the unhealthy stuff and replaced it with nice healthy stuff. Like the Vitalinea 0% fat yoghurt. That stuff is great. And I didn’t even notice a taste difference until we decided to splurge on some cake yoghurt. Sure the Nestle stuff was really nice, but I think I prefer the Vitalinea. Somehow less icky. One thing I have noticed now that I’ve been in Belgium again, is that they don’t have skimmed milk. None of the brands do. They have whole and semi-skimmed. No skimmed. o.O