Colours and poker

Well, I lost. Oliver and I were playing poker.. betting with Monopoly money. Lost all 30 whatever the currency is. XD But I am getting better at it. At one point I had managed to win back all the “money” I had lost, but then.. well, I thought Oliver was bluffing and lost it all. ^^;; But we’re gonna keep playing later tonight. I wanna get the hang of it. This game was called Texas Hold’em.. A completely new game to me. But then again, I don’t know many poker games.

Oliver bought me the complete Season 4 DVD set of Friends. Since it was pre-owned, I figured that there might be minor scratches or something that might make an episode freeze for like two seconds then continue running. Which is what happened. Only worse. Every single episode on side A on discs 1 and 2 freezes at 7 minutes and a few seconds. Finally I decided to check the third disc. All of the episodes on that one are fine, no scratches, no freezing.. but they’re SEASON ONE. I mean really. So we’re going back to Gamestation in Rotherham tomorrow and complaining. I’ll prolly be the one doing most of the complaining since Oliver doesn’t like to do it. I, on the other hand, have no problem with telling people that there’s a problem with whatever I’ve bought. I don’t know what they’ll do.. give us a refund or store credit or what. We’ll see tomorrow.

I’m going back to Belgium next week. Don’t know what day yet, but it’s pretty definite that I am going away soon. So Oliver and I are hitching a ride from his dad, who’s got work in London for the next few days, and we’re staying at Anji’s. Double bed.. :D I don’t know what it is about that bed.. maybe it’s the mattress? Anyway, all I know is that I always get a good night’s sleep whenever I stay over at her place. We’re going over there on Thursday, which means that we can go with Anji and Steve to the pub! I like going out with them. Always interesting convos… And there might be a BBQ at.. erm.. I can’t remember who’s place it was. But apparently it sounds like fun as well. So now I’m all packed, stuff squashed into my suitcase and backpack. Really heavy, but since I’m not using RyanAir to get back, weight isn’t an issue. ^-^

Ooh! Rainbow! Pretty colours. Can’t see the second bow though. The left side is slightly darker than the right, but it’s not that obvious. I can see.. 5 colours? Red, yellow, green, blue and purple-y? I really have no idea what they’re called. And I thought that someone had decided that there were seven.. documentary Oliver made me watch at 2 a.m. So I don’t really remember that much about it. Except that the rainbow is always at a 42 degree angle to some shadow…

Speaking of colours… I have Crayola crayons! o/ Okay, so it’s only a box of 24 but it’s still better than none. I love Crayola crayons. They’re great. And the names they give the colors are really cool too. Like tickle me pink and periwinkle. Sadly, those two didn’t come in the box. But now I know what I’ll put on my Christmas wish list. A box of 120 Crayola crayons. That costs $9.99. Plus shipping I guess.. But still, it’s a really cheap present that’ll make me really really happy. *hint hint to anyone wanting to get me a Christmas gift* I miss my Crayola markers. They’re in storage somewhere.. but hopefully I’ll get to my stuff soon.. like next week! XD

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