While Ryan & Oliver are playing around on PS2, I thought I’d update

A few days ago, Thursday night to be exact, someone (as usual) was speeding down the winding road where Oliver lives. Since it had been raining, the road was wet (logical..). That would make most drivers want to slow down a bit, right? Nooo, not this guy. So, he loses control of his car, skids hits a wall. Everyone rushes out, to see if he’s okay, etc. Except me.. I was upstairs when it happened and listening to music on the headphones. ^^;; It wasn’t until Oliver came upstairs to get me before I knew what had happened. I mean, I heard a noise, looked outside onto the field, figured nothing major had happened since I didn’t see anything and went back to playing Minesweeper. Anyway, the guy seemed fine, a bit shaken up but otherwise fine. Didn’t seem drunk. He was given tea and then when the police arrived he was questioned. On closer inspection, we noticed that he had plowed through three walls. He probably lost control of his back tires, flew over one wall, broke his axle and flipped his car.

Then Friday night, we went out with Ryan, Shaun and Russell. Darren hung out with us for awhile, but then he had to go somewhere so he didn’t come out to the clubs/bars with us. Anyway, we were at Dempsey’s for about 2 hours, just talking and playing pool. Now since Oliver & I were in the minority, all of the places we went to were gay bars/clubs. Which are pretty much the same as “straight” bars except there’re more guys kissing each other. Anyway, after Dempsey’s we went to Fuel. It was an okay place, except too warm and sticky for my taste. And my feet were starting to hurt a bit since I was wearing heels. Did have fun dancing with Oliver though. To me it seemed like an ordinary club except there were more guys dancing around without shirts. So when Shaun wanted to leave (he was being a bit crabby for some reason.. and he was drunk..) I agreed to go with him. Oliver came with us while Ryan and Russell stayed behind. We went to get some food and then Darren came to pick us up. Now earlier when he had said that he’ll give us a ride back, I imagined he’d have a somewhat larger car than the one he had. I mean, to legally fit six people into his car, they’d have to be pretty tiny. Not five over 180cm tall guys. In the end, Shaun wound up sitting in front with Ryan, Oliver & me in the back. Russell went into the boot. Now, there were three of us against the idea of anyone going into the trunk but in the end, it was the only way we’d all fit. So we all kept talking to him while he was in there just to make sure that he was fine. He said that it was sort of like being in a dark roller coaster.. Well, I assume he wouldn’t have agreed to do it if he’d have been sober. I wouldn’t have.. O_O;;

Btw, I don’t recommend typing with long nails.. which is why I’m gonna go cut mine soon. Oliver won’t be happy though…

So tomorrow I’ll go open a bank account and mail the filled out papers they’ve sent me from Aberystwyth. Plus I need to get more passport sized photos of me.. And according to my dad we’re going to the States next August on vacation and then I’ll be studying in Notre Dame for my second year….

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