What else can go wrong before I even start?

This is just my luck.. I got my International Student Identity Card (ISIC) today. It’s got all the info on it correct, except my picture! It’s got some mean looking blonde girl’s picture on it! *rolls eyes* God what else can go wrong before I get there? Anywayz, I tried calling the place but since it’s a Saturday, no one’s there. So I’ll have to try it on Monday. And I’m gonna try to get a refund instead of a new card because I am not giving them another picture of me to mess up.. Grr…

And also I had to call Aberystwyth again yesterday because the paper that they sent that has my term time address on it is not accepted in banks. Just because it says “To whom it may concern” instead of it being addressed to me or the bank..

I seriously feel like banging my head against a wall or something.

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