I finally have my train tickets to go see Oliver and Ryan next weekend! Altogether it cost me £52, but £20 was the railcard. And the railcard gave a 34% discount immediately. So it’ll be well worth it, even if I only take one more trip with it. ^-^ And I plan on seeing Oliver once a month at least. So it’ll really pay for itself in the following months.

Hmm.. other news. Not much really. Had French. Went into town with Linnea, bought French books.. I realized I had left my pictures back in my room, so I had to come back up and get them before I went to get my tickets. So when I took the bus back, I didn’t realize it was the bus that took me back to the train station, not up the hill.. All I saw was 501. So I just waited for the next 501 to show up at the station and talked to Lewis on the way back up. He happened to be in town buying books as well. Then when I got back from buying the tickets I decided to have dinner at the cafeteria (didn’t feel like cooking). I got loads of food for just £1,79! It’s amazing. And it wasn’t that bad either. I’ll have to go there again..

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