Shopping! ^-^

Okay, so I know I promised myself that I’d really watch what I was spending my money on, but there was a sale that I couldn’t resist! 20% off everything at B-Wise plus the 10% discount I got for having a valid NUS card. 30% off!! *grin* So I bought four shirts (purple, pink, orange and brown) and a pair of stretchy jogging pants. And all just £21,70. Basically £4 each.. *happy happy* The pink shirt is a really deep pink, more like magenta actually. Anyway, it’s a stretchy skin tight shirt with 3/4 sleeves. The lavender one has a nice large rounded collar (again 3/4 sleeves). The chocolate brown one has this white shirt peeking out from underneath it, but in reality there’s nothing there. It’s got good proper (as in long) sleeves. The melon colored one has stuff written on it in French and nice small printed designs on it in grey and white. Can’t wait to wear them. ^-^ And I found a clothes dryer rack thingy. Went to Charlie’s.. finally found that place. So now I finally can properly dry my clothes in my room. XD Retail therapy’s goooooood… Need new sneaks though. The shoes I have now are starting to smell. >_< ;;

I love Aberystwyth. Seriously. The seaside.. just lovely. I went down there today to check out a few things if I’ve got them correct in my story. I usually just stay on the North Beach cause it’s closer to all the shops, but today I wandered over to the South Beach.. Lovely, lovely. Really windy, but great all the same. Then I wandered around the castle ruins for a bit. It really is a shame that they let it crumble down like that 7 centuries ago.. And I’ve decided that I’m gonna have my character jump off one of the ruins instead of the pier (because the pier isn’t accessible to everyone and I need it to be). Oh, and one thing that I discovered while on this little excursion: I can finally zip up my brown leather jacket. It’s a size M and when I first got it I couldn’t zip it up because of the really tiny waist, but now I can. ^-^ Another good thing about uni life. Lose weight even when it’s not intentional. XP

All the girls in my flat left today to go home or somewhere for the weekend. So it’s just me and the fellas for the next two nights. And since Niamh isn’t coming back for 10 days, it’ll be a lot quieter around there as well. I supposed I’ll enjoy it the first few days, but it’ll be kinda strange not having her singing/humming loudly in her room or the kitchen.. Seems like almost everyone took the 1:30 train today. Jonathan (a guy from my French class), the three girls.. Could be because it’s reading week for most departments next week. But not for me. :( But at least I’ll get Friday off completely because there isn’t a French class. ^-^

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