Why the hell am I up this early??

Okay so 10 a.m. isn’t that early, but still. I woke up at 8! Lay in bed for about 45 minutes before I finally decided to drag myself out of it. *yawn* See.. this is why it isn’t good to get up early. Especially when you’ve stayed up 2 hrs past your usual bedtime to talk on the phone.. The phone convo lasted only 30 minutes (I think).. the rest of the time I was doing logic puzzles. o/ At least I did start my essay. I have about 250 words now. No idea if it’s any good, but starting is always a good idea. I’m gonna type up what I have right after I post this..

That seems to be about it for now. . Nothing that special happened yesterday. Met Lewis’ and Owen’s sisters. Met Scott.. Apparently he hangs out at our place a lot. And I know one of his housemates from Writer’s Art 1.

Decided to wear my new tights today. Black, white and grey stripes. I know I look a bit mis-matched with those tights, my trainers, light green skirt and pink leather coat but what do I care? XD I’m comfy and that’s the main thing.

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