Happy New Year!

Yes, I know, I’m a day late. But I’ve been sick (not a fun night on the 30th/31st). And I’ve been busy playing CivIV with Oliver and Ryan. I got it as a Christmas present from Oliver. ^-^ Then I got loads of stuff that I’ve had to leave back in Belgium because they won’t fit in my suitcase! ;_; Hrmph. But I did take the lovely pink bag my dad bought me from Dubai. It’s got these flowers embroidered on it and the sequins sparkle and I just love it. :)

Oliver’s got his interview tomorrow. Going with him to Sheffield so I can move money from my savings account into my current account. The next installment of the DirectDebit thingy is being taken out soon and I need to transfer funds into my account before I go back to Belgium for Jade’s birthday. She’ll be 9! ^-^

So, I’m going back on Thursday morning, Oliver’s coming over on the 9th and we’ll both be back here on the 15th. Which gives me about another 10 days over here before I have to go back to Aber. Have a French exam. >_<

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