Back in Belgium

It’s weird typing with a Finnish keyboard again. I’ve just gotten used to using my own laptop’s keys and now I gotta remember that the punctuation is in a different place again. >_<

Anywayz, today was Jade’s birthday. Jaz video-taped some bits of the morning and took pics of Jade opening her pressies. Can’t believe she’s already 9! Wow.. Later on, when Jade was out with the parental units buying pet supplies for the dog that she’s gonna get, I found a set of books in the basement that I think that she’d like to read: Little House on the Prairie. I actually started reading the first book today. It starts out funny: Once upon a time, sixty years ago,…. But that’s the only funky bit so far that I’ve noticed. I just remember that I loved reading those books. :)

Now gonna go play a game with Jade before she goes to sleep.

birthday, books, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Little House on the Prairie