Blind dates or going online?

I just read an interesting article on Yahoo about blind dating coming back into fashion. It made a good point about the possibility about meeting creeps online and how at least with a blind date you can be sure that if “they tell you he’s a Delta Airlines pilot, he’s a Delta Airlines pilot, not some guy working at the Avis rental counter” because the one who set you up with that guy knows him. You’re not relying on some electronic information which could just as well be made up as it is true. But there are gems online too. I’ve met people who’ve become good friends and I’ve been with my boyfriend (who just happened to find me on OkCupid) for over a year now. So online dating isn’t as horrible as some make it out to be. Like that one Mormon we met last summer said: “It can really work out great. My sister met her husband online and now they’ve got two kids too!” I’m sure she meant that they had kids the natural way, not online. XP

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