Why are there no clear street signs??

Okay, so today I went down into town after my 10 am seminar just to see how long it takes to get to the place where the interview will be tomorrow. My guess is about 30 mins if I don’t rush. I’m only estimating how long it actually does take because once I got to Great Darkgate Street, I couldn’t find Laura Place anywhere. I spent 40 mins wandering around, trying various little alleys/streets to no avail. I got so frustrated I went shopping to calm myself down. Retail therapy really does work. *grin* I got a shirt, skirt and pants for under £15… Anyway, I decided to find the place after my shopping because it really wouldn’t be a good thing for me not know exactly where it is tomorrow. So I wander around again and this one man asks me if I’m lost. Er, no, I know exactly where I am (on Vulcan Street) but I don’t know where Laura Place is. Does that count as lost? Anyway, I didn’t say that to him since he was being really nice and all. I told him I was looking for Laura Place and he showed me this tiny little gap between a stone wall and a green house and said that it should be right down there. So that’s where I went and voila, there it was. But seriously, no obvious street name signs or anything. How the hell are tourists supposed to find places? And there weren’t any street maps either. Grr… I hung out at the beach for a bit, just watching the water change colors and the clouds move. Stopped by the Ceredigion Museum. Free entry so I figured why not? I think I spent an hour and a half in there just looking at stuff from all ages. I mean it, from the Stone Age to like the Victorian age and turn of the century electrical appliances.. Really cool. And I listened to tapes of different types of bagpipes and the tunes they used to play in different countries. :)

Oh and I finished my essay draft last night! Go me. ^-^ My tutor sent it back to me with suggestions so I’ll just tweak the bits she suggested and then print it out. :-D

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