I’m back!

Well, the trip was wonderful. Except for a few minor glitches: 1) They sent a smaller plane than planned so they had to drive us to Amsterdam instead of flying us there. But we made our connecting flight in time, so no harm done really.. 2) I burned my skin more than once. Not fun. :( 3) I was given $500 of spending money before we left. Yesterday, both Jaz and I discover that we only have $400 in our wallets. We’re both pretty sure that we took all of it with us, but not positive. There is the chance that we wanted to save some of it and left it back home, but so far, we haven’t found any of it. And we don’t remember doing that either. So.. yeah.. someone stole it. No clue when or where or how. >_< 4) Family trips are really stressful. Mainly because we’re always late. When I travel anywhere = I’m always on time. The five of us together = running to the gate.

On the plus side, I got lots of shopping done. Spent around 250€. Managed to buy 100€ worth of stuff in just one hour during one shopping trip. XD And I’ve got piccies! They’ll be up later on the pics page. Now, I’m gonna go make me some tea. It seems so cold outside after the relentless sunshine in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.