*…when the rhythm starts to play, dance with me, make me sway…*

I’ve just spent an hour on Oliver’s DancingStage mat. Because the program I used is on the computer, the cable that hooks up the mat to the computer makes it so that it doesn’t recognize pressing two directions at once. So it looks like I’m doing really horribly. Which I probably am. I don’t care though, it’s a load of fun! I like the Japanese songs it’s got, but so far, my fave is Shaft’s “Sway” or whatever it’s called. *…when the rhythm starts to play, dance with me, make me sway…*

I’ve also started working out to that TaeBo tape. Done it now three days in a row. Getting easier all the time and it’s fun too. I still have to stop a lot during the exercises to drink some water, but hopefully by the end of June I’ll be able to do the whole tape without stopping. I’m starting to remember everything the guy Billy Banks is saying. Good thing I’ve got two more tapes with me. XD

I like the color of my skin it is now. Nice and tan. But I’ve started getting these white spots on my skin, just like my dad does whenever he’s been out in the sun a lot. Apparently my body isn’t used to producing big amounts of melanin or whatever it is that gives one a tan. Back when we lived in Florida, I got an even tan practically all year round. Now that I’ve been living in countries where it rains pretty much every day, I guess my body thought it’d never seen sunlight again. >_< Next year in Montana won’t help much either. Snow… grr… Well, I don’t mind snow that much now that I think about it. I just prefer warmth and sunshine as opposed to freezing temperatures and darkness for half a year. :P

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