Miller is teh awesome

I’m so tired… They give us loads of work over here. I mean, I’m used to having the amount of lectures/seminars that I have over here, but they just give you so much work to do. And I have a quiz once a week on Shakespeare. >_< Well, the good thing is that I don’t have an exam on Shakespeare, just two essays to write. Fun stuff. And over here they give you the number of pages they expect, not the word count. It’s a bit strange, but I guess I’ll get used to it eventually.

I’ve been pretty lucky with who I got as my roommate. Michelle and I have a similar taste in music, we like doing the same type of things, we don’t annoy each other. I’ve heard some stories about roommates just being awful to each other. We’ve also met this girl Alysha who lives on the same floor as us. She’s really nice. The three of us have started to hang out together practically everyday. We go eat together at least once a day. And like Thursday night we just went out for smoothies and hung out together. Yay, I’ve got friends over here! o/

There’s so much to do around here. Like Tuesday and Wednesday nights there were free performances on the Oval (this huge empty spot in the middle of the campus) of Shakespeare’s plays. Then Thursday night there was a comedian and a movie. Friday they there was the Welcome Feast which meant a free lunch. ^-^

Someone keeps wheeling their bicycle in the hall…

Well, I’m going to try to climb up to the M tomorrow. My second attempt. I don’t think I’ll make it, but I want to see if I can get up higher than last week. I might try to do it again on Monday (seeing as it’s Labor Day which means no classes!) but I might not wake up in time to try it. Plus I’ve got a load of stuff to do.

Ooh, there is one really awesome thing about this building anyway. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it already in a previous post or something, but the laundry facilities are free (plus there’s a huge TV in the lounge)! And so I did some laundry on Thursday and the stuff I got from Target is soooooo nice. It’s vanilla and lavender scented. ^-^ After I’d gotten all of my clothes from the dryer and dumped them onto my bed for sorting, I just lay on top of them for a while. Warm, smelled nice… Bliss. For some reason it just made me really happy. I might be nuts, but I like doing domestic stuff. Cleaning, laundry, cooking.. it makes me happy. And that’s what counts, right? Other stuff makes me happy as well, like knitting and reading and a good cup of hot chocolate or tea, so it’s not just contained to 1950’s housewifery (is that an actual word?).

My question to you all is this: What makes you happy? Is the little things in life, like a cup of tea in the afternoon or the leaves changing color in the autumn, or is it something bigger, like acheiving something huge at work?