Ellu was right…

… I was told that once I get to uni in Montana, I’d get hammered. Well, my dearest roomie Michelle has brought back some Bailey’s and Malibu from home and today we went and bought some milk… yeah, we’re drinking. But since this technically isn’t a party, I’m still keeping to my word of saying that I’m not much of a party person. XD She is sooooooo hammered right now. Talking to her crush, being very hyper. It’s pretty amusing. She’s trying to get me to feel the buzz too. So I’m on my second drink which happens to be stronger than the first. I really hope I won’t get a hangover tomorrow. The good thing is that we’re both 21 and as long as we keep the door shut and keep it to ourselves (as in be QUIET!), we’re allowed to drink in our room. So that’s what we’re doing.

I soooooo should be writing the story that’s due on Tuesday. I still need about two more pages. I know how it’ll end. I’ve got the beginning. I’ve got most of the middle. Now I just need to flesh it out a bit. Maybe I’ll get some weird spark of inspiration tonight while I’m drinking. *keeping fingers crossed*

I’m teaching Alysha and Michelle how to knit. Alysha really wants to have kids, so now that her sister’s pregnant, she’s going to knit a baby blanket and get some practice. Michelle just wants to join in on our mini knitting club. She’s also making a blanket, but it’s for herself. I’m almost done with mine, just need one more square of grey (after the one I’m almost done making) and then to piece it all together. Then I can start on my mom’s Christmas present. Not saying what it is, but it’ll be knit. :) I hope she’ll like it.