Tomorrow the Grizzlies are playing South Dakota State. Their last game against Iowa was awful. Lost 7-41. I just hope tomorrow’s game will be better. The thing that amazes me is that the tickets (for students) are only $4.00!! Seriously, that’s really cheap. I thought they’d be like $20. And the guest tickets are really cheap too, just $10. So in November when they play Montana State (our rivals) I’d better line-up early because the tickets sell out fast. Especially the guest tickets. Oliver’ll be here when the game is, so I’m dragging him there. I know he doesn’t want to go, but if I’m paying for his ticket then he’ll show up. I really want to go to that game. As do Michelle and Alysha. We’re gonna go as a group I think. They’re not coming tomorrow though. Both went home for the weekend. I’ve been trying to reach Emily to plan where we’re gonna meet up but she hasn’t answered her cell. Hopefully she’ll call me back tonight.

I’ve finished making wristlets for Michelle (there’ll be a picture up eventually) and now I’m working on making a blanket in Griz colors (maroon, white and grey). I’m working on my third square now. They didn’t have any grey in when I went to Wal-Mart, but they’ve ordered it for me. So I’ll stop by either tomorrow or Monday to see if they’ve got it. I’m already itching to start something new… the garter stitch is just so boring to do. Quick and easy, but boring. I like to have a bit of a challenge. Maybe I’ll just try out making cables once the blanket’s done.