Strange dreams

Well, I had another really strange dream. The first time (which was the night before last) the UM clocktower had planted itself onto Miller Hall, I was late for Shakespeare class and forgot my book (which Oliver brought to me) and the Weasley twins were dressed as a ghost and a sunflower on the roof and they were stealing my laundry through the window. Very strange indeed. And then last night, I was sitting in a convertible with some auburn haired guy that I was dating (while I was in a relationship with Oliver too) and we were taking a drive during the evening/night. It was spring/summer. I looked up at the sky and saw the letters M-A-R-R forming. I looked at him in surprise and asked was he seeing this too. He pulled over and said keep reading. I turned my gaze back to the sky and saw the words: “Marry me” formed by the stars. Gaping, I turned back to him and asked how he had managed to do that. He was holding my left hand and had slipped a ring on my ring finger. Eyes wide, I looked at him then the message again and then I stuttered: “I-I-I have to think about it. I’ll get back to you in a week.” Then at the ice skating rink, my aunt saw the ring and was all excited that I was engaged. Then she saw that it was made of plastic. I hurriedly explained that he didn’t have much money and that it was the thought that mattered. The rest of the dream I spent contemplating whether to say yes and whether to tell Oliver about this if I decided to say no. Then I woke up.

I guess I should stop watching Friends and listening to Harry Potter before I go to sleep, huh?