You have to read this outloud. We have forks

Well, I feel like I should update. So here goes: classes are going fine. Having fun with Michelle and Alysha. Getting sloshed right now. Well, they are, I’m still pretty sober. There was a load of fog this morning. Couldn’t see the mountains at all. Sorta strange when walking to class and not seeing them. Didn’t feel right. Handed in my Shakespeare paper today. Hope I did okay. Need to buy another paper diary, finished off the last one last night. Saw the exchange student lady today, got my advising PIN so I can register for classes next Monday. Hope I get into the ones I want. Wasted a lot of time playing Sims2 this weekend. One of them died because his wife’s plant ate him. ;_; Bleh, I can’t really be bothered to go into detail about everything. So that’ll have to do for now.

And the lovely quote above is supplied by my buzzed roomie Michelle. ^_^